Trinity Presbyterian Church Casavant Organ

Trinity Presbyterian Church

How long will our new digital organ last?

Well, it is no secret that anything dependant upon microchips and processors can be expected to have a life span of 15-25 years, after than you can expect to replace part or all of the component. Until recently, when an institution made the investment of a high quality pipe organ, they expected at least 50 years of use before a rebuilding or restoration would be needed.

The dirty secret is how easy do you think it will be to obtain parts in 30 years for your now new digital organ when that maker has long since developed a 'new' system that is superior to the previous? Even in consumer electronics, it can be exceedingly difficult to find parts for your VCR or DVD player. More often than not it is simply easier and cheaper now to discard the old and replace it with something new. In the case of an organ for your church, I believe that mentality is unacceptable.

The decision you help make for your church as musician in the organ selected to help lead the service will impact your congregation for many years to come. You would never think of selecting a grand piano for your church or home that would last less than 50 years without total replacement, why would you make a similar choice in organ?

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