Available Services

Don't think your church can afford a real pipe organ? You can!!


New vs. Old
Unlike many firms, we will not automatically say any existing system or technology is obsolete. If your pneumatic combination action is starting to leak, replacing with a solid-state system is one option. Recovering and restoring what is in place is another, more economical option.

We maintain good relationships with the premier supply firms to the pipe organ industry. We only use time proven techniques and materials in our repairs and releathering.

We have experience in restorations and service of organs by most of the major North American builders of the 20th century. As well as work on some of the nations most prestigious instruments. We pride in excellent relationships with experts of North American pipe organ history and preservation.

Timely Work
How many firms could promise to have an entire pneumatic chest releathered in two weeks or less? Depending on the builder, WE CAN!



The majority of clients schedule regular tuning visits. This schedule keeps the flue and reed pipes in tune during changes of season. Regular visits also allow for inspection of the organ mechanism to prevent emergencies.

Minor Repairs
Most minor problems can be addressed and repaired during a scheduled tuning visit.

Mechanical Systems Check
Our teams will thoroughly inspect your instrument on each visit. Items checked include all couplers, swell expressions, crescendo, tremulants, and chimes. We will then perform minor repairs and notify you if additional repair work is required.

We guarantee our tuning for 7 days, barring any climate change.

Emergency Service
For clients with regular service contracts, we offer emergency service within 24 hours.

Contract Discount
For clients with regular service contracts, we offer a 5% discount on regular tuning and service trips.

Please contact us for more information!