Promises to our Clients:

1) At all times, we will treat you with the respect you deserve as the expert of liturgical music for your congregation.
While our expertise is pipe organ related, we know that no one knows better than you how the organ is used liturgically in your church.
We will always respect that knowledge.

2) Our dress, demeanor, and comportment will reflect our respect for you and your church.

3) In planning for the future of your pipe organ, we will endeavor to collaborate with you rather than dictating our tastes upon you.
This may mean we will not participate in certain tasks (digital voices, for example), but we will never substitute our wishes for yours.

4) At no time will we gossip or engage in rumormongering about your colleagues, or ours.

5) Our billing and pricing will be fair and deliberate.

6) We will not attempt to sell an item or procedure that is not necessary, or unwanted by you, the expert of your church.

7) While our clients range in size from very small to some of the largest in the region, at no time will one client receive preferential treatment over others.
The role liturgical music plays in the spiritual and worship life of congregants does not vary based upon the size or the church, or the pipe organ.

8) Through research, experimentation, and collaboration with others, we will never cease learning and improving.

9) Whenever possible, we will source locally, including lodging, meals, and materials.

To Our Colleagues:

1) At no time will we engage in rumor or gossip as it pertains to our colleagues.

2) At no time will we speak of a colleague in a detracting or negative manner. We will
however, speak honestly about deceptive behavior, or disrespectful practices we witness.

3) At no time will we attempt to build ourselves up by tearing others down. We will refuse to discuss others and direct such questions to those involved.

4) If a hand of collegial friendship or need extends to us, we will not refuse it. Our aid will be unconditional, and at a standard industry rate.

5) To help improve our craft and foster good-will, we will freely share our experience, knowledge and expertise with our colleagues.

6) Personal or professional gain will never come before our respect for this craft, and our colleagues.

7) At no time will information shared between us and a colleague be shared with any uninvolved parties.

To The Team:

1) Never forget we are a team. Never forget how important you are to all our success.

2) I will endeavor to ensure corporate solvency and protect your livelihoods.

3) The company will provide affordable access to healthcare insurance, and supplemental insurance to qualified staff.

4) We will guarantee a safe, friendly, drug-free work environment.

5) All staff members compensation will be fair, in a manner respectful of their experience and skill,
paid at a rate to guarantee a quality living-wage for the Atlanta Metropolitan Area, including entry-level apprentices.

6) All concerns, suggestions, and recommendations are welcomed. There will never be a door on any office, literal or figurative.

7) The company will provide access to further training and education through clinics, conferences, workshops and classes. An educated, diversely skilled staff benefits us all.


These are my personal promises to you; client, colleague and staff. They are presented with a desire to let all who work with me in this craft know the rules I will hold myself to at all times.

I will not participate in this craft with rules other than these. I do not expect others to adopt these rules, nor do I fear potential consequences from those who may disagree.

These are my promises to you, and to my craft.

Robert I. Coulter, Jr.