Trinity Presbyterian Church Casavant Organ

Trinity Presbyterian Church

Real Wind Adjustments / Shade Noise / Acoustic Image / Bench Squeaks

Many digital organ makers are now sampling real pipe organs to an almost absurd degree by recording and then introducing the following:

1 - Instable wind supply
2 - Noise when the expression pedals are operated
3 - Unstable & irregular pipe speech
4 - Challenging tuning

It is amazing to me that these items are the very things we as pipe organ builders typically fight with to eliminate. Digital organ makers are now introducing these extraneous noises in an attempt to better emulate the pipe organ. If their instruments are really wonderful on their own, why emulate anything? Also, would you purchase a car from a maker who decided to build a car with no headlights just because they were emulating a formula 1 race car?

Pipe organ builders strive and dedicate their lives to studying and contributing to the art that is organbuilding. Most would never foolishly emulate something less than excellent by another builder just for sake or emulation.

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