Augustana Lutheran Church - St. Paul, MN

Christ Church's 1972 Schantz Organ

Augustana Lutheran Church Glatter-Gotz / Rosales Schantz Organ

The new Glatter-Gotz / Rosales organ built for Augustana Lutheran church in St. Paul, Minnesota is one of striking visual beauty as well as remarkable tonal variety. It certainly ranks among the largest two manual organs ever built with 39 stops and 50 ranks of pipes.

Coulter-Organbuilder was contracted in 2005 to assist Rosales Organbuilders, Inc in the voicing and tonal finishing of this instrument. The association with Manuel Rosales began in 2003 working at Palmer Memorial Episcopal Church in Houston, and went on to other projects including The Walt Disney Concert Hall in the fall of 2003.

The primary task for Coulter-Organbuilder during our trips to St. Paul were to voice and finish all the wooden stops in the organ (Pedal 16' Contrebass, Pedal 16' Bourdon, Pedal 8' Flute, Pedal 4' Flute, Swell 16' Gedeckt basses, and the Great 8' Bourdon basses), in addition to the Pedal 8' Octave and 4' Super Octave. We also assisted with finishing of other stops and general final installation work. Our portion of the project finished in late August, 2005.

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