First United Methodist Montezuma - Montezuma, Georgia

First United Methodist Montezuma

First United Methodist Montezuma

In August 2006, we were contracted by the First United Methodist Church of Montezuma to perform the following repairs to their historic 1914 Hinners organ.

The original 8' Aeoline was revoiced in the 1988 rebuild of the organ by another firm and converted into a 2' Principal. In doing so, the organ both lost a soft stop, but the rebuilders also tried to make the existing 8' Salicional into a 8' Celeste with the 8' Geigen Diapason. Neither modification has proven successful, so we are removing the 2' Principal and installing a period 8' Celeste of Salicional type construction to make a proper celeste that functions with the restored 8' Salicional.

We will releather the pipe stoppers for the Swell 16' Bourdon, Swell 8' Gedeckt and Great 4' Flute D'Amour for improved tone production and tuning stability.

The Swell 8' Vox Humana, whose stop action we reinstated on our last visit, will be removed and professionally cleaned for improved tuning stability.

A donated set of Degan Vibrachimes will be installed with the speaker in the Swell box for volume control.

The Great 4' Octave, which was an addition to the organ will be revoiced and finished to properly blend with the existing Great 8' Open Diapason.

In previous rebuilds, both pipe and stop additions were made which ultimately over taxed the original single reservoir. We will install three small additional reservoirs (winkers) to the pedal and facade chests to help stabilize and eliminate the instability in the wind supply.

While it is not possible to currently restore this organ to its original condition, we believe that these modifications will allow this instrument to function and sound as though it were originally built with this specification in 1914.

It is our extreme pleasure to care for this fine pipe organ, and we take no small pleasure in helping return its playability. Pipe organs are our only passion, and we are proud to assist First Methodist Church of Montezuma in the care of this instrument.

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