Holy Trinity Episcopal Church
Gainesville, Florida

Visser - Rowland & Associates

III - 49 / 1994

Visser Rowland Pipe organ at Holy Trinity Episcopal Church,
 Gainesville, Florida

Holy Trinity Episcopal, Gainesville

Hoofdwek (Great) Organ

Manual II (CC-a3)

16' Bourdon (1-17 PED)
8' Praestant
8' Roerfluit
4' Octaaf
4' Nachthoorn
2-2/3' Kwint
2' Octaaf
II Sesquialter
V Mixtuur
8' Trompet

Rugwerk (Positiv) Organ

Manual I (CC-a3)

8' Praestant
8' Gedekt
4' Octaaf
4' Spitsfluit
2-2/3' Nasard
2' Superoctaaf
1-3/5' Terts
III Kleinmixtuur
8' Kromhoorn

Zwelwerk (Swell) Organ

Manual III (CC-a3) / Enclosed

8' Gemshorn
8' Holpijp
8' Salicionaal
8' Celeste (gems)
4' Praestant
4' Koppelfluit
2' Woudfluit
V Scherp
16' Fagot
8' Trompette
4' Klaroen

Pedaal Organ
32' Subbas (ext Ged)
16' Praestant (wood)
16' Gedektbas
8' Ockaafbas
8' Gedekt (ext)
4' Koraalbas
IV Mixtuur
16' Bazuin (wood)
8' Trompet
4' Schalmei

In May of 2009, we were honored to enter into a collaboration with John Pritchard Organbuilder to begin a phased tonal redesign and revoicing of the Visser - Rowland organ at Holy Trinity Episcopal Church in Gainesville, Florida.

This instrument was installed in 1994 after a devastating fire destroyed the sanctuary. This organ is very much in the Dutch tradition of most Visser - Rowland instruments. Through working with organist/choirmaster John Lowe, he and Mr Pritchard devised the first steps in making this instrument more easily meet the Anglican traditions of the music ministry at Holy Trinity.

We were brought to Gainesville to participate in the voicing, tonal finishing, and to provide further insight for future steps in this phased process. Among the first items addressed was the substitution of the Hoofdwerk (Great) 2' Woudfluit (Waldflute) with the Zwelwerk (Swell) 2' Octaff (Octave). The Rugwerk (Positiv) 8' Kromhoorn (Krumhorn) was also significantly softened to serve as a more useful solo stop. The Zwelwerk V Sherp (Scharf) was regulated, tuned, and had some of the highest pitched ranks muted to better blend with the Zwelwerk Chorus and reeds.

It is an honor to assist Holy Trinity in the care and enhancement of this fine pipe organ.

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