Peachtree Presbyterian Church
Atlanta, Georgia

Schlicker Organ Company / Allen Organ Company

V - 88/100

Peachtree Presbyterian Church

In 2006 we were very proud to be contracted by the staff of Peachtree Presbyterian Church to perform restorative repairs on the large Schlicker/Allen organ in the sanctuary. In this project our primary task was to replace the leather and viladon gaskets on the pallet valves on the Schlicker electro-slider windchests with new felt and leather gaskets. Time has proven the viladon (foam) gasketing material to age unevenly, ultimately becoming dry, firm, and brittle. Upon our initial arrival, it was literally impossible to play a C-major scale on the Great organ for all the dead notes.

Another task was installation a new blower, and new schwimmer bottoms for the Great & Positiv divisions. Previous work performed removed the individual blowers for each division were removed in favor of one large blower. With the new Allen console and more robust registration styles, this central blower has proved to be inadequate for the task of winding this large organ. The new Great/Positiv blower and schwimmer bottoms have wonderfully stablized the wind to these divisions allowing for full organ registrations with no wind sag.

We made the tonal additions of the 8' Cromorne (Cliquot) to the Positiv, and a new 4' Clairon in the Swell organ. Additionally, we performed minor revoicing and regulation along with reed cleaning and wood pipe stopper repacking.
It is our honor to have been chosen to help Peachtree Presbyterian ensure its excellent music program, staff, and congregants with a reliable and functioning pipe organ.

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