Our Principles

As part of a two-thousand year old craft, we feel a real responsibility to honor the work of the fine craftsmen who preceded us. We also know the privilege of creating and caring for these pipe organs as they are means for generations of musicians to express their musicality as well as the method for raising the souls and spirits of their congregants.

As such:

We will listen: As the musician, you know better than anyone how your instrument performs in service. You also know the needs for your congregation and your style of service. We will not presume to know better than you what your needs are for your services.

We will find the beauty: Few instruments do everything authentically. Conversely, even instruments with more challenges than assets will have positive qualities and resources that can be enhanced and improved rather than replaced. We will honor the work of the craftsmen who came before us when at all possible and will not attempt to simply sell you something new when it is not the best option.

We will be honest: We will answer your questions honestly; regardless of if the answer improves or perils our chances to perform the work. We will also speak honestly about our work, our successes and our challenges.

We will be respectful: We will never speak in a negative or disparaging manner about our colleagues or competitors. We believe it is our task to show our strengths and capabilities, not to tear down others. Tearing down the work of others only lowers our own standing. We will also be respectful of your wishes and of your responsibility to be a good steward of the churches resources.

We will be willing cooperate: While we have dedicated ourselves to the study of organ building, we want to work with you. Together we can find the proper path for the future of your instrument. We will never presume to tell you what your needs are, but look forward to working together.

Respect for you, the craft and our own legacy guide our actions; these are the principles that guide us in all our efforts. It is honors us to assist musicians perform at their highest ability, and lift the spirits of their congregants and audiences.

Soli Deo Gloria