Trinity Presbyterian Reed Cleaning

Trinity Presbyterian 1986 Casavant organ

Trinity Presbyterian 1986 Casavant

The 1986 Casavant organ in Trinity Presbyterian Church in Montgomery, Alabama is an instrument of fine capability in an excellent room for music. However, over the past 20 years the tuning stability of the six reed stops in the organ deteriorated to the point of requiring a thorough cleaning. In addition, the 8' Hautbois found in the Recit was voiced in a very loud, coarse manner. The resonators of many pipes were also found to be bending and leaning, due to soft metal.

After consultation with Carter Reed, Minister of Music, it was decided that Coulter-Organbuilder would undertake the duties of cleaning all reed ranks, as well as revoicing the 8' Hautbois into a smoother, more useful solo stop. In addition, during this time, the two swell boxes would be painted to match the new paint scheme in the Sanctuary.

With the aid of three very capable assistants, the project was completed in November 2005. The revoicing of the 8' Hautbois was a complete success and all bent resonators were straightened, in addition to the flawless painting of the organ components.

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